Tri-State sends best wishes to Harry Janner and family

You may have heard about former Bethlehem Plowboy player and long-time Torrington Board umpire Harry Janner already. If you didn’t know, he’s in IC at Hartford Hospital following a motorcycle accident last Friday night.
Here’s his address if you wanted to send a card (from the league).
Harry, Betsy, Sarah Janner
256 Kasson Rd.
Bethlehem, CT 06751

Tri-State League to be covered in Sports Magazine
I started five years ago. The website was actually a newspaper for several years prior to me starting a website before a friend of mine decided that he he didn’t want to print any longer. In five years our national online publication has gone from a staff of two to over 150 members contributing articles or photo galleries to events as their time allows. We cover all levels of sports from amateur to high school, to college and on the professional level scattered across the United States. Our publication is based out of Waterbury, CT and The Woodlands, TX.
With Connecticut high school sports over I would like to start shooting some amateur baseball. With me living in Waterbury and working in Bristol while driving through Wolcott I should be able to capture a few games here and 
there. SPM is currently being overhauled so we will have a better and more professional look. We average over three million hits from over 50,000 unique visitors. Hopefully, you will allow me the opportunity to shoot a few of your games. Many thanks and hope to hear back from you when your time allows.
Mike D’Avino
President, SPM Sports, Inc./Managing Editor,