Tri-State Playoff Schedule: Rounds 1 and 2

Saturday, July 25
#5 seed Amenia Monarchs vs. #12 seed Waterbury Wild
12:00 PM @ Amenia Park in Amenia, NY
NOTE:   Winner vs. #4 seed  Burlington Hunters  on Sunday, July 26
1:00 PM @ Lewis S. Mills High School in Burlington, CT
#6 seed Wolcott Scrappers vs. #11 seed Mazda Dodge Red Devils
7:00 PM @ Fuessenich Park in Torrington, CT
NOTE:   Winner vs. #3 seed Bristol Greeners on Sunday, July 26
3:00 PM @ Fuessenich Park in Torrington, CT
#7 seed Winsted Whalers vs. #10 seed Litchfield Cowboys
11:00 AM @ Walker Field in Winsted, CT
NOTE:   Winner vs. #2 seed Bethlehem Plowboys  on Sunday, July 26
11:00 AM @ Gallup Field in Bethlehem, CT
#8 seed Tribury Pavers vs. #9 seed Tri-Town Trojans
12:00 PM @ Fuessenich Park in Torrington, CT
NOTE:   Winner vs #1 seed Brass City Brew  on Sunday July 26
11:00 AM @ Bucks Hill Park in Waterbury, CT
The four losers from Saturday, July 25 will not play again until Saturday,
August 1.  All 12 teams will be in action on Saturday, August 1 and
(teams still alive) on Sunday, August 2.
Complete playoff bracket can be found by clicking on this link: