Thursday July 21

Valley Ducks 13 Naugatuck Nightmare 8

The Valley Ducks got themselves back in the win column with a 13-8 win over the Naugatuck Nightmares in Thursday nights action. The Ducks didn’t make it pretty, after jumping to a 12-2 lead. Matt Kozlowski started for the quack, allowing 5 hits and 2 earned runs over 5.  It was a hit party for the Ducks- which is quite rare. Two ducks had 3 hits- Donny Ek went 3-5(triple, 2 runs) & Ronnie St. Dennis(double, 3 rbi, 2runs. Three different ducks had two hits- Ty Pelletier 2-3(double, 2 runs, 2bb),  Shane Fusco 2-2(5rbi), and Kyle Daddona 2-4 (1 rbi, 2 runs). Just about every player on the Naugatuck team pitched. Angel Valentin and Barnett carried the offensive load with 2 hits each for the nightmares.

Winsted Whalers 13 Wolcott Scrappers 4

Tri-Town Trojans 19 Bethlehem Plowboys 6

Amenia Monarchs 8 Torrington Twisters 4

Back a few weeks ago at the end of June the Monarchs traveled to the beautiful Fussenich park in Torrington to take on the Twisters, a good young ball club under ‘fiery’ leadership. Torrington beat Amenia 4-0, or should I say “Dominated” as it would say in the write up. The game was a good game highlighted by a few things that don’t belong at the ball field or in the Tri-State league.

Thursday night the Torrington team came to Amenia for round 2. Not sure how anyone would label this one but the final was 18-3 in favor of the Monarchs and the game ended after 5 innings even though their isn’t a mercy rule for 7 inning games? Not sure what happened as Amenia is always willing to play? Seemed like someone didn’t want to be there anymore, a real shame too as Amenia was really starting to roll! Either way the same person, didn’t want to shake hands even though his great, young, talented, and most likely very respectful players did just that, shook hands with the Amenia boys. IT’S A GAME!! I guess no butt slapping this time on my back side from the other leadership. Either way I was fortunate enough to have my father show me the proper way to manage and play baseball and I couldn’t be more proud of my Amenia team! 
P.S. I’ve watched Johnny Cueto pitch, and I also know the rules of baseball!! 

Brass City Vipers/Canton Crushers

NOTE: Rained out

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