Amenia Monarchs

Manager Tommy Downey Jr
Location Amenia NY
Home Field Doc Bartlett Field
Year Established 1934
Top (L to R Ken Pomeisl (26-Coach), Tom Moore (3-P/OF), Bob Chatfield (22-P), Joel Judson (6-P/OF), Travis Hyatt (7-P/2B), Matt Hosier (25-C), Dave Mosher (15-OF), Jim Pomeisl (2-P), Al Lyman (11-2B), Andrew Wolinski (27-P), Ken Shufelt (24-1B), Tom Downey (Manager)
Bottom John Hyatt (Scorekeeper), Jeff Pomeisl (12-OF), Chris Matteo (20-2B), Matt Pomeisl (8-C/OF), Caleb Huff (5-3B), Tom Downey (10-SS), Kirby Judson (9-3B)
Missing Steve Lynehan (4-OF)

Monarchs elected to the Dutchess County Baseball Hall of Fame:

  1. 1963- Tom Ahearn
  2. 1964- John Foley
  3. 1967- John D. O’Brien
  4. 1969- Wm. “Doc” Bartlett
  5. 1972- Ed Flynn
  6. 1973- Larry Cunningham
  7. 1975- Sylvester Carroll
  8. 1977- Billy Ostrom
  9. 1984- Cart Bates
  10. 1984- Cliff Savage
  11. 1985- Bob Sullivan
  12. 1986- Roger Callahan
  13. 1989- Howie Mann
  14. 1990- Bud Brandow
  15. 1990- Babe Foley
  16. 1991- Mike Kohut
  17. 1994- Bill Hauver
  18. 1999- Joe McEnroe
  19. 2001- Paul Giroux
  20. 2001- Tom Downey
  21. 2003- William Ahearn
  22. 2005- Charlie Thornton
  23. 2008- Joe Carroll, Sr.
  24. 2008- Joe Carroll, Jr.

Posthumously Inducted:

  1. Phil Cunningham
  2. Walt Cunningham
  3. Bill Dunn
  4. Fritz Kobo

Honored for outstanding contributions to baseball:

  1. 1984- Wm. Doc Bartlett
  2. 1991- Tom Downey

The Amenia Monarchs are a men’s club baseball team that is currently a member of the Tri-State League.  This team is part of the Town’s rich baseball tradition and dates back to the 1930’s.  After a long run as a very dominant team in the area the Monarchs disbanded in 1995.  In 2005 the Monarchs were resurrected and received a warm welcome from everyone in the area.  The latest version of the Monarchs are entering their 5th year and continue their quest to return Amenia to its former glory.
Anyone wishing to tryout or is looking for additional information can contact:

Tom Downey
[email protected]