Stan Musial Tournament

2012 AABC State Championship
Monday August 1st:   Naugatuck Dogs  vs  Chads (Bridgeport) 8pm Trumbell HS
Sunday’s Results: 
Naugatuck Dogs  11     Milford Hunters  0,      Tri-Town Trojans  5  Wolcott Scrappers  2,   Naugatuck Dogs  4    Tri-Town Trojans  3
NOTE:  Terryville/Naugy (Tri-State league) game has been moved to Tuesday.
Stan Musial Tourney Update:  Congratulations to Waterbury Wild and Wolcott Scrappers who qualified for the Regionals in Braintree Mass. beginning Thursday August 4th
Sunday July 31st Schedule:
Naugatuck Dogs     vs     Hunters of Wallingford       12noon     Milford
Wolcott Scrappers    vs    Tri-Town Trojans              12noon     Community Field
NOTE: Winners to play at 4pm at BAW Complex in Wolcott. Tri-State League teams represent 3 of final 5 teams (out of 16 original teams) from the state tourney.
State Championship:  To be played Monday 8pm at Trumbell High School
‘Sunday winner’ vs Chads of Bridgeport  
Tri-State League UPDATE: Naugy/Terryville  “rained out”  Monday evening (2nd rainout in a week on this game) – Game will be played Monday August 1st (after state tournament) with Tuesday and Wednesday as the emergency rain-out dates.
Tuesday August 2nd:
Naugatuck     at     Terryville       5:45pm      Old Terryville HS
The following teams have clinched a playoff berth:  Litchfield (#1seed), Tri-Town (#2 seed), Wolcott (#3 seed), Waterbury (#4 seed), Watertown (#5 seed), Bristol, Naugatuck, Bethlehem, Amenia, Torrington, Thomaston.  The rest of ‘seedings’ hinge on the Naugy/Terryville game…
(Final playoff team will either be Terryville or Brass City)
Tie-breaker explanation:
If Terryville wins that would leave 3 teams tied with 8-10 record –
(Thomaston, Brass City, Winsted) for final playoff spot and Thomaston defeated both Brass City and Winsted so they would get the final playoff berth.
If Terryville loses then 4 teams would be tied with an 8-10 record –
and ‘no’ team swept the other 3 teams so the 2nd tie-breaker rule of “run differential” is in effect with ‘top 2 teams’ qualifying  as the 11th and 12th seed.
Thomaston      24
Terryville          14   (as of now)
Brass City            7
Winsted              3
NOTE: A Terryville win (or a loss by 6 runs or less) and Terryville clinches the final playoff berth.
NOTE: A Terryville loss by 7 runs or more and Brass City clinches the final playoff berth.
NOTE: Thomaston automatically clinches playoff berth as they win every tie-breaker (guaranteed in 3 or 4 team scenario).
NOTE: Winsted is eliminated as they cannot win any tie-breaker scenario.
Playoff begin on Saturday August 6th (top 4 teams get a bye) and continue on Sunday August 7th.
Good luck to our teams playing in the Stan Musial State Tournament.