State Tourney and Tri-State League Playoffs

Stan Musial State Tourney – for the 4 teams who qualify:
Every team plays Monday(7/27), Tuesday(7/28), Wednesday(7/29) and games will most likely be 7pm starts or later. Thursday and Friday are rainout dates. Teams with 0 losses or 1 loss advance to weekend play where you will play two games on Saturday (11am and 3pm) and two games on Sunday (11am and 2pm) until you are eliminated. These times are not set in stone but are more than likely what they will be.
Brass City Brew heading to regionals beginning Thursday(7/30). I do not have the official schedule yet but expect to play 2 games on both Thursday and Friday and they play earlier during the day. More info to come.
NOTE: The 4 teams playing in state tourney will get 3 draft picks each.
Brass City I believe is allowed 5 draft picks in the regionals.
Tri-State League Playoffs:
Best of three series in each round.
All games must complete 9 innings. Games that do not finish for any reason will be suspended games.
Fields without lights will begin at 5:15pm on weekdays.
Saturday game time starts between 12pm and 3pm.
Game #1 and #3 ‘home’ team is ‘better’ seed.
First Round – Top 4 teams in the league get a bye
Tuesday(8/4), Wednesday(8/5), Thursday(8/6)
Friday(8/7) is a rainout date.
#5 seed vs #12 seed – winner plays #4 seed
#6 seed vs #11 seed – winner plays #3 seed
#7 seed vs #10 seed – winner plays #2 seed
#8 seed vs #9 seed – winner plays #1 seed
Second Round:
Sunday(8/9), Monday(8/10), Tuesday(8/11)
Wednesday(8/12) is a rainout date
Third Round:
Friday(8/14), Saturday(8/15), Sunday(8/16)
Monday(8/17) is a rainout date
#1 seed bracket plays #4 seed bracket
#2 seed bracket plays #3 seed bracket
Tri-State World Series:
Wednesday(8/19), Thursday(8/20), Friday(8/21)
Saturday(8/22) is a rainout date
NOTE: World Series games will all be played at Fuessenich Park 7pm weekday.
I will try to get Fuessenich as much as possible for the earlier rounds as well when the Titans and other leagues (Connie Mack) complete thier seasons.

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