Pat Murphy: One of the Best

"Any time (Pat Murphy) pitches you’ve got a legitimate chance to win," stated Bethlehem player/coach John Pettit.  Murphy, a reliever and regional MVP for the Eastern Connecticut State University 1990 National Champions, was the "franchise" pitcher for the Bethlehem Plowboys during their run of four championships from 1998-2002.  Murphy recorded well over 100 career wins and a countless number of saves splitting his time between Modern Motors of the Twi-Met league and the Plowboys in the Tri-State League.  He is also inducted into the Wolcott Hall of Fame.  "I got here and said to myself, ‘The wind’s blowing in; Murphy’s not going to walk anybody; we’re not going to score any runs’," laughed Winsted’s Darryl Morhardt, one of the most dangerous hitters in the Tri-State League, after Pat Murphy and the Bethlehem Plowboys left Winsted with little recourse but to try to laugh it off after the first game of their best-of-three Championship Series (2001) Saturday at Walker Field.  The final score in a long, long game for Winsted was 18-2, Bethlehem.