Opening Day:
Sunday May 17th, 2020

A Dream Comes True

Just wanted to take a minute and let you know that the Tribury team yesterday helped make a kids dream come true. I’ve had a kid named Russell Boyles on my Amenia team for two years. Russell attends SUNY Cobelskill college, and is the only college player on the Monarchs roster. His grandfather Bob came to every Monarchs game right up until his death. His grandson (Russell) was born physically handicapped (Cerebral Palsy) but loves the game as much as his grandfather did. For Christmas 2 years ago his parents and I gave him a Monarchs uniform and I called him and asked if he’d be interested in joining the team. As you can imagine his reaction was priceless. Yesterday, with the help of Tribury, I was able to get him his first at bat. Down only 1 run with 2 outs in the 7th I gave him his shot. He got beaned on the first pitch! Most would think that would be terrible! Not Russell. He smiled and slowly lumbered his way down to first. When I asked him if he needed a runner his responses’ was “ Are you kidding? I just got beaned and now I’m running the bases, NO WAY!” Next batter flied out and Amenia lost again, although this loss wasn’t really a loss. I just wanted to express Russell’s, Russell’s family, and my own gratitude to Tribury! Class act all the way around, and a great game of baseball in Amenia. “Russell is such a great kid and got to live out his dream” stated head coach Tom Downey. “These are the stories and experiences that keep me on as commissioner” stated Ed Gadomski. “It’s not the winning and losing, it’s not the scheduling or dealing with umpires or frustrated players. Its life experiences that ‘outway’ the un-fun part… I also said I took this job on as it was my chance to give back. This is exactly what I meant, life changing stories along with fundraiser ball games for charity”.

Thank you to Tom Downey, Amenia Monarchs and the Tribury Cave.


Tri-State Semi-Finals schedule

Tuesday August 13:

Terryville Black Sox 14   Litchfield Cowboys 9

Naugatuck Dogs 10  tri-Town Trojans 4

Kevin Murray pitched 7 innings allowing 3 hits and 5 walks while striking out 8 to lead Naugy to a 10-4 victory over Tri-Town. The Dogs were led by Devin Murphy 4-5 with a 2B and 4 RBI, and Kyle Murphy who had 3 RBI including a 2B. Landon Gardella had 2 hits for the Trojans. Miles Scribner pitched a complete game for Tri-Town.

Wednesday August 14

Terryville Black Sox 12   Litchfield Cowboys 10

Black sox battle back after being down 8-2 early in the game to win 12-10. Nick DeLotto led the offense with 4 hits including 2 doubles and 4 RBI and Gavin Lavallee added 3 hits including 2 doubles and 3 RBI.

Naugatuck Dogs 7   Tri-Town Trojans 2

Jeff Rustico pitched a complete game allowing 8 hits while striking out 10 to lead Naugy to a 7-2 victory over Tritown. Ryan Plourde went 2-4 with an RBI and Brendan Slattery was 3-5 with an RBI to lead the Dogs. Conner Murray had 3 hits for Tritown. Naugy advances to Tristate World Series and will play winner from Terryville/Litchfield series.

AABC Northeast World Series

Sunday August 11:

Braintree White Sox 3   Fedells Mechanics 0

Game 2 if necessary 12:30pm – Fedells must defeat Braintree twice to win championship

Saturday August 10:

Terryville Black Sox 10   NY Hawks  3

Albany Athletics 6   Danbury Pirates 1

Braintree White Sox 10   Fedells Mechanics 1

Braintree White Sox 8   Albany Athletics 6

Fedells Mechanics 3   Terryville Black Sox 1

Friday August 9:

Braintree White Sox   7   Blasius Chevrolet 1

Terryville Black Sox  1  Pelham Mets 0

Danbury Pirates 6   Blasius Chevrolet  4

Fedells Mechanics  10   Albany Athletics 1

Braintree White Sox  11    NY Hawks  10

Thursday August 8:

NY Hawks 13   Danbury Pirates 10

Albany Athletics 6    Terryville Black Sox 3

Blasius Chevrolet (Waterbury) vs Braintree White Sox (NY)  RAINED OUT

Fedells Mechanics (Trumbell) 2  Pelham Mets (NY) 1  (8 innings)

Tri-State Round 2

Monday: Game 3-  Terryville Black Sox 7 Bethlehem Plowboys 2; Litchfield Cowboys 5 Wolcott Scrappers 4  NOTE: The two winners will match up in semi-finals after the AABC Stan Musial Northeast World Series.

Tri-Town eliminates Amenia and Naugatuck eliminates Blasius. Tri-Town vs Naugy in the next round semi-finals. NOTE: I have Fuessenich Park and Municipal Stadium reserved for next round. DATES: Tuesday August 13, Wednesday August 14, Thursday August 15

Saturday August 3: Terryville Black Sox 8   Bethlehem Plowboys 2

The Black Sox bats came out hot, pounding 16 hits on the way to an 8-2 opening game victory. Andrew Hinckley, Nick DeLotto and Gavin Lavallee all had 3 hits including a home run. Kody Kerski, Patane, Kyle Skidmore and Tyler Wenz combined to scatter 5 hits while striking out 10.

Sunday August 4: Bethlehem Plowboys 10  Terryville Black Sox 7

Tri-Town Trojans vs Amenia Monarchs

Saturday August 3:   Tri-Town Trojans 4     Amenia Monarchs 2 Game recap coming soon…

Sunday August 4: Tri-Town Trojans 8   Amenia Monarchs 6

Blasius Chevrolet vs Naugatuck Dogs

Saturday August 3: Naugatuck Dogs 5    Blasius Chevrolet 1 

Ryan Plourde hit a grand slam to Naugy to an 8-5 victory over Blasius. Sean Miller-Jones and Matt Lehane each went 3-3, and Jeff Rustico added a 2 run single for Naugy. Rustico pitches 6 innings and scattered 7 hits with Adam Neveski closing out the game. Manny Cruz led Blasius with a tripe and a single while Eric Rovenetti had an RBI single.

Sunday August 4: Naugatuck Dogs 8   Lance Stevens pitched a 4 hitter to lead Naugy to a 5-1 win Saturday with Kevin Murray pitching the last 2 innings. Brendan Slattery went 3-4 with two doubles and 3 RBI. Stevens added a 2 RBI single.

Litchfield Cowboys vs Wolcott Scrappers

Saturday August 3:   Litchfield Cowboys 10   Wolcott Scrappers 6

Litchfield bats came alive Saturday morning with everyone in the lineup getting at least one hit. Drew Gauvain led the way going 4-5 with 2 runs and an RBI, Stanley Rijo knocked in the first runs of the game in the second and did stop there going 3-5 with 4RBI and 2 runs, and rounding out the multi-hit day was Rob Taylor 2-4 2RBI 2 runs and Tommy Johnson 2-6 2RBI and a run. Wolcott was not to be shutout that easily, scrapping their way to 10 hits on the day , being led by Jack D. Who went 3-4 and a RBI. Justin Koutros picked up the win with Rob Taylor getting the hold and Brooks Belter getting the Save. The cowboys resume playoff match tonight at 6pm at the BAW

Sunday August 4: Wolcott scrappers 12 Litchfield Cowboys 4

Wolcott Scrappers defeated Litchfield cowboys by a score of 12-4. Wolcotts Tyler Smith went the distance allowing 6 hits with 10 strikeouts . Jeff Nicol had 2 singles and a dble with 2 runs scored, Tyler smith had a single , dble 2 rbi , Cam Maldonado single, dble 2 rbi and 2 runs scored and Matt Warren 3 singles , 3 rbi and 2 runs scored . For Litchfield , Drew Gauvain had 2 singles, and Colin Dickinson singled and dbled 1 rbi and 2 scored .

Stan Musial State Tourney

State Championship Game

Terryville Black sox vs Blasius Chevrolet    TBD

Qualifiers for AABC Stan Musial Northeast World Series:

Terryville Black Sox- Blasius Chevrolet- Fedells Mechanics- Danbury Pirates

Braintree White Sox- Bourne Mariners- NY Hawks- Pelham Mets