Monday June 17

Burlington Hunters 9    Southington 66ers 8

In a truly exciting game – The Hunters beat the 66ers in a back and forth contest 9-8. Alex “Cobb” Hansen came into the game for the save with the Hunters up 3 in the bottom of the 7th and did his best to lose the game for the Hunters. The 66ers tied the game, forcing extra innings. In the bottom of the 8th the Hunters walked off thanks to Ryan Raponey and a little bit of moonlight. The Hunters were led offensively by Ty Morin (2/4, 2R, 2B) and Curious George of the Jungle Zaruba (1/4 3RBI, 1R) sent a ball to the moon. Brian “How is he still playing” O’Leary contributed to the cause with 2HBP, 2BB, and 1 hit. Joe Napolitano disappointed in his anticipated return to the lineup and was not able to get a bunt down almost costing the Hunters the game on multiple occasions. Chris Rossi set a new record for most pitches seen (34) in a game without recording a hit. The 66ers put up a good fight. They were led offensively by Patrick Raymond (3/4, 3R, 2RBI, 2B) and Vic Desimone (1/3, 1R, 4RBI). Patrick Raymond also pitched the majority of the game for the 66ers going 7 innings with 2 strike outs.

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