Letter to the Tri-State League

Good Morning Ed,
I write to you today to thank you for all your work in building and continue to build the Tri State League into the premier baseball league that it is. To think I was once a small part of a league with so much tradition and pride itself is a humbling feeling.
During the core for my playing days the league was down to only a hand full of teams as you may remember. I would like to thank the players, and managers of those teams. What some may deem as struggling times it never felt that way. Litchfield,Bethelhem,Winsted,Thomaston,Terryville,and Torrington. We played each other 3 to 4 times a year but the bond and love of the game kept it together. I look at the Brass City Brew and remember they couldn’t win a game and now or really one of the most talented teams in what is such a strong league. Their story of as an organization is the story of the league over the past 10 years, from a few to many a talented teams.
Now as a former Rebel, I bleed a little more green, and orange then most. As look threw the website and saw the Chris Clark Tribute I remember such great teams and some great times with one of the most talented teams if not the most talented team ever to play in the league in the 2004 edition. Also most important some of the greatest teammates and friends’ one man could ask for.
Of course I remember when times were tough in Rebel country too. I thank Doug Pergola for keeping on fielding a team for years when he struggled to get 9 to the field but somehow managed, and winning games came few and far between. I think every Rebel past and present owe him a great deal of gratitude. If he did not put in the work and keep afloat for those few lean years who knows what would of happen to the great Rebel organization.
In closing I would like to thank you once more. You, and all the players and managers past and present for the continue growth, and tradition that is the Tri State Baseball League. I hold the league close to my heart and always will!
Chris Perusse