Legendary Waterbury Laurels

Starting lineup (1987-1991) for the legendary Waterbury Laurels who won numerous league titles in the (now defunct) Nutmeg Baseball League and played “money” all-star games versus the Jackie Robinson league in Brooklyn, New York – any of these names ring a bell?  The Laurels played for two seasons in the Tri-State league in the early 90’s…

NOTE: During one of those Jackie Robinson games: first time ever that we faced a pitcher who threw right-handed against us in the 1st inning and then came out and threw left-handed against us in the 2nd inning.  He threw well both ways. We managed to score two runs off him in the 2nd inning.  Games were played in park right outside of Yankee Stadium:


LF  Ed Gadomski

C   Tony Grillo/Billy McCormick/Frank Forcucci (played pro ball in Europe )

SS  Pat Granahan

CF  Brian Antrum

P   Jimmy Arline (won AAA World Series in Braves organization)

1B  Pete Duglenski (played in Dodgers organization)

EH  Tommy Somers (played during famous 64 game win streak at Naugatuck High)

RF  Freddie Allen

3B  Dave Miller

2B  Butch Douglass

Pitchers:  Doug Knight/Barney Mestek (pitched in minor leagues)/Bobby O’Rourke

Head Coach:  John Sinclair (played in Red Sox organization)

Assistant Coaches:  Jimmy Maia, Ross Guastella, Pudgie Maia

Team Sponsor:  Jim Spann (Note: Fulton Park officially was renamed to Spann Field)