From: Fred Flynn – Roxbury (1960s & 1970s)

To:  Eddie Gadomski, Commissioner
Your recent article in the Express which talked about the Tri-State League brought back some great memories which I thought I would share with you.  I graduated from Thomaston High School (where I played for coach Peck O’Brien), and then attended Boston College where I played shortstop for three years.  Back when I played (in Tri-State), the league was called the Pomperaug Valley League.  I played for a team from Roxbury around the 1968-1975 timeframe. The first couple years I car-pooled with Paul Luboyeski (from Thomaston), who played center field for us.  In the early 70’s, we had a very good team – we actually won a couple league titles, dethroning perennial champ Lakeville.  As I recall, in addition to Roxbury and Lakeville there were also teams from Amenia, Millerton, North Haven, Bethany, and Hartford; Waterbury joined in the early 70’s.  Lakeville was led by Doug and Dave McArthur and the team was coached by their father, a long time baseball guy.  I believe at one point John Lamb, Steve Blass’ cousin, pitched for them.  Our team included a number of Washington High/Shepaug High standouts; Kenny Barr (who I think played at Ithaca), Dan Went (who played at UConn), Dave Adams and Corky Adams.  We had a 50+ year old player/coach (catcher) named Don Conway who was instrumental in keeping the Roxbury team going and helped keep the league going as a mentor for several years.  Plus, we had a sinker ball pitcher named Sam Plourde who threw about 15 groundball outs per game.  Our games were reported in the Monday paper of the Waterbury Republican back then.
We played in a pretty crude field across the street from the old Roxbury town garage.  The left field was so short even I could hit it out!  I remember how much fun in particular it was to travel to Hartford to play the Hartford Aces in Kenney Park – there was always a big crowd and they were very vocal in support of the home team!  I regularly played 50+ games a summer back then as I also split time with the Waterbury Twi-Met league (initially the Laurels, then for Shakers), the Torrington Twi-Light league, and the Hartford Twi-Light league (for Moriarty’s – perennial champs).  I later also played for a team from Litchfield in the Tri-State League.  According to a dusty trophy in my closet, in 1970 I actually won the Tri-State League MVP award, beating out my arch rival at the time – Bill Polinsky of North Haven, former Yale shortstop.  I’m really glad to hear the Tri-State league has survived and expanded the way you described.
Regards – Fred Flynn