Friday, July 9

Terryville Black Sox 1, Tribury Pavers 0: The Terryville Black Sox took a 1-0 win over the Tribury Pavers Friday evening in a Tri-State League baseball game that defined the term “pitcher’s duel.” Terryville’s Billy Armstrong (7 innings, 9 strikeouts, 4 walks) and Tribury’s Taylor Searles (6 innings, 4 strikeouts, 4 walks) hammered strikes from the pitcher’s mound for a total of three hits (2-1 Terryville) at the old Terryville High School Friday evening. Searles had the Pavers’ only hit. The Black Sox loaded the bases in the fourth inning on an error, a walk and a hit by Dan Vaccaro. Then Steve Tedd pushed the game’s only run across with a sacrifice fly. Tribury is 6-7; Terryville is 5-9.
Saturday July 10
Brass City/Burlington:   Rained out