Fourth of July Fireworks

Arguments can be made for several teams as to the most powerful offensive lineup in league history but three of the candidates have to include the 2004 Torrington Rebels, 2000 Terryville Titans and 2009 Brass City Brew.  Which team would you rather face?

2004 Torrington Rebels                     2000 Terryville Titans                    2009 Brass City Brew

CF  Chris Perusse                                        SS  Brian Hamm                              LF  Willie Ramos

LF  Brian Mongeau                                    2B  Gary Swierczynski                  SS  Steve Carosella

RF  Steve Richard                                      3B  Jesse Carpenter                       1B  Justin McCulloch

C   Jeremy Pesce                                        RF  Joe Bellino                                  RF  Eric Rovenetti

DH  Rich Thomson                                    1B  Mike Cleary                                 CF  Mike Padovani

3B  Darrin Gould                                        EH  Nate Gawitt                                   C  Paul Novakowski

SS  Rich Scott                                              DH  Dan Hamel                                   EH  Mike Morin

1B  Jay Wetherall                                       LF  Paul LeClair                                 3B  Jeff Fonti

EH  Chris Clark                                            C   Ben Gawitt                                      DH  Marc Didominzio

2B  Aaron Maziarz                                     CF  Chris Strahowski                        2B  Mike Butkevic