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Get with the old times

When fans attend a professional baseball game, one familiar sound all will hear is the crack of the wooden bat.  Often, when you hear older fans telling stories of their first experiences with the game, you hear them talk about the

Amenia has always been a Baseball Town

By: Arlene Iuliano “Baseball’s been king for years in these towns”, said Doc Bartlett while being interviewed by a local paper in the 1990’s.   Tom Downey III made a similar statement in an interview when talking about the team he coached

Tri-State: The way baseball should be

Copyright © 2006 Register-Citizen – by Patrick Tiscia Back in the summer of 2003, I covered, and attended, my first Tri-State League baseball game. I don’t recall where the game was played or the teams involved, but I do remember

Tri-State League stronger than ever

Copyright © 2006 Register-Citizen – by Patrick Tiscia In an era where leagues are struggling to stay afloat and the number of teams diminishing, the Tri-State Baseball League is as strong as it’s ever been sporting 15 teams in the

1 league flourishes, 1 league is dying

Copyright © 2005 Republican-American -by Joe Pallodino The leagues are headed in opposite directions.  Wednesday night the Dave Wallace baseball league begins its second season. It is the 82nd season of adult amateur baseball in Waterbury, dating back to the founding