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Gold Key Dinner

Copyright Sean Barker   Register-Citizen  4/30/2012 Ed Gadomski, who has been commissioner of the Connecticut Tri-State Baseball League since 2003, was one of five recipients of the John Wentworth Good Sports awards. “I couldn’t imagine a more perfect honor (for what

Gadomski: Tri-States’s Good Guy

copyright Rick Wilson   4/30/2012   Litchfield County Sports It is called the John Wentworth Good Sport Award and Tri-State Baseball League Commissioner Ed Gadomski was one of its recipients Sunday night at the Aqua Turf in Southington courtesy of the wisdom

Gadomski to recieve Good Sports Award from Connecticut Sports Writers' Alliance

Copyright Dan Podheiser Register-Citizen   03/15/2012 The Gold Key Award is the highest sports honor in Connecticut as the Alliance recognizes those who have made significant contributions to athletics in Connecticut. Five deserving individuals who have contributed their time to sports

Gadomski gets chance to give back to Baseball

copyright Register-Citizen (Peter Wallace) 6/6/10 Tri-State Baseball commissioner Ed Gadomski runs his life inside out from lots of people who go to work, then try to fit in the things they really love in the rest of their lives. “I’ve