About the League

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The Tri-State Baseball League includes 19 teams from Northwest Connecticut and New York. In 2006, the league went to wooden bats. This has made the games more pure and safe. The Tri-State Baseball League has no age minimum or maximum, but teams are restricted from acquiring players outside of their region (each team is allowed four “out-of-towners”). This allows for more competitive baseball amongst the teams in the league. Many players in the league are current or former Division I, II, and III college baseball players, as well as a handful of former professional players. The league is run by the Commissioner, Ed Gadomski, and his Board of Directors, the 19 team managers. The 20-man committee attends meetings in the off-season to ensure that the following season goes smoothly. They also vote on any outstanding issues surrounding the league, including team additions and by-law modifications. The Tri-State Baseball League has a rich history, dating back to the 1968 when the league began to flourish as the Tri-State Baseball League, and even back to 1934 when the first Tri-State game was played in the Interstate Baseball League .