1st Annual Chris Caron Scholarship Fund

My name is Dave Braun.  I worked with Chris Caron at Pratt & Whitney- Cheshire.   Shortly after Chris’s Funeral I met with a group of people that worked with Chris to see if there was something we could do to help Chris’s Family.  We’ve organized a Golf Tournament that will be held on MONDAY -August 2nd @ the Pequabuck Golf Club in Bristol.  Cost is $125 per player.

The money raised by the Tournament will donated to the Alexa and Adam Caron Scholarship Fund. 
We’ve been working with Chris’s brother:  Paul Dennis Caron – to get the word out regarding the Tournament.   After reading the Article that ran in the Waterbury Republican the other day about Chris and the Tri-State League opening it’s 77th Season…. I thought the Tournament would be something that you, the coaches; current and former players would want to know about. If you could help pass the word onto them it would greatly appreciated.
Holding the Tournament at Pequabuck – has us somewhat limited for space.  UP to 36 teams (foursomes) can participate in the  Tournament.  We currently have 20 Teams registered to play in the Tournament. We’re currently trying to do our best to fill-up the Tournament. The remaining slots will be filled on a first come first served basis
Anyone who would like to donate a Raffle Prize or Sponsor a Hole is more than welcome to do so.
If anyone would like more information on the Tournament I can be reached at the phone #’s and e-mail address listed below.
David Braun
Buyer /Planner : PW2000 / F117
Pratt & Whitney Aftermarket Services
Cheshire, CT.
ph: (203) 250-4372
e-fax#: (860) 755-1294
Cell #  (860) 601-8893

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