Tri-State World Series

Tri-Town Trojans vs Terryville Black Sox

DATES: Tuesday August 21, Wednesday August 22, Thursday August 23
NOTE: All games to be played at Fuessenich Park 7pm start

August 21: Tri-State Hall Of Fame ceremony 7pm
August 22: Torrington Umpire Board award ceremony 7pm

Tri-State Semi-Finals

Semi-Finals Tri-State Playoffs: (best of three series)
Tuesday August 14:
Terryville Black Sox 6 Litchfield Cowboys 4
Naugatuck Dogs 9 Tri-Town Trojans 7

Wednesday August 15:
Tri-Town Trojans 5 Naugatuck Dogs 3
Terryville Black Sox 12 Litchfield Cowboys 3
Copyright Peter Wallace Register-Citizen 8/15/18
Terryville’s Black Sox stormed into next week’s Tri-State Baseball League tournament finals with a 12-3 win over the Litchfield Cowboys Wednesday night at Fuessenich Park. The Cowboys played it close to the regular-season leaders in a 6-4 loss at Waterville Park Tuesday night in the best-of-three semifinal series, but errors caught up with Litchfield in the first part of Wednesday’s showdown, then Terryville bats and Kody Kerski’s right arm finished the job. The teams were at 3 in a four-inning duel between Kerski and Litchfield’s Steve Consiglio, with just three hits apiece to go with three errors each. The Black Sox broke through for two more runs in the top of the fifth on just two hits, by Christian Callahan (3-for-4, double) and Kerski. Then, with two outs in the top of the sixth, the Black Sox chased Consiglio with three straight hits, by Ian Schmidt, Callahan and Kyle Tehan, combined with a walk and a two-run single by Chris Ayer.

At 8-3, the game was over, despite four more Black Sox runs in the top of the eighth inning. “We stayed with them early, but you can’t make errors against a team like that,” said Litchfield player/coach Brooks Belter. Iron-man Kerski had more than enough runs to steam through the eighth on just four more Litchfield hits and 12 strikeouts.
With no pitch count in force for Tri-State, Kerski pitched 14 innings in five days for the Black Sox. “I used mostly my fast ball tonight, mixed in with sliders,” he said. “Then, late in the game I threw some cutters.” The Black Sox play the winner of the Naugatuck Dogs/Tri-Town Trojan semifinal series in a best-of-three championship series next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Fuessenich Park.

Thursday August 16:
Tri-Town Trojans 3 Naugatuck Dogs 2
Copyright Peter Wallace Register Citizen 8/16/18
The Tri-Town Trojans join the Terryville Black Sox in next week’s Tri-State Baseball League’s championship series on the strength of a 3-2 win over the Naugatuck Dogs in a riveting semifinal game Thursday night at Fuessenich Park.
The final game in the best-of-three series was everything you could ask of a hard-fought battle in which Naugatuck won 9-7 Tuesday, Tri-Town came back for a 5-3 win Wednesday and both teams showed what they were made of Thursday.
The Trojans scored all three of their runs in the first two innings before Naugatuck’s Tyler Boisvert and his defense found their footing.

Shane Bierfeldt drew a leadoff walk in the first, then came home on hits by Casey McDonald and Dan McCarty. In the second inning, two Naugatuck errors contributed to a pair of runs as Sam Sherberg, Tom Troy and Matt Troy provided the hits. Boisvert came out rocking in the third, giving up just one more hit in the game. “He threw a great game after he settled in,” Dogs manager Jay Harlaman said. Nevertheless, he had to be perfect to match Trojan Dan Livingston’s performance. “We won on the arm of a crafty veteran,” said Trojan player/coach Dan McCarty, watching the sidearming master pitch six perfect innings before giving up a walk and a two-run homer to Ryan Plourde in the seventh. “That’s as close as I’ve come to a no-hitter in this league,” Livingston said. “I knew about it but things can change so fast in this league, I didn’t really think about it.”

With Boisvert dealing the zeroes for Naugatuck, the Dogs came in hot pursuit in the eighth and ninth. Mack Consiglio led off with just the second Naugatuck hit, in the top of the eighth, only to be doubled off in a nice play by Livingston. Sean Miller-Jones drew a lead-off walk in the ninth and Livingston was done. Lefty Shane Bierfeldt came in for a strikeout, walk and one more Trojan double play to issue the Trojans’ ticket to next week’s final series, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday if necessary.

Tri-State World Series (best of three series)
DATES: Tuesday August 21, Wednesday August 22, Thursday August 23
NOTE: All games to be played at Fuessenich Park 7pm start

Soucy brothers say good bye

copyright Kevin Roberts Sports on CT-69 August 12,2018

The name Soucy has been synonymous with the Connecticut Tri-State Baseball League’s Wolcott Scrappers since the team’s inception in 2006.

Wolcott started off as an exhibition team that year, then was voted into the league as a new member in 2007. Player/coach Ryan Soucy has seen everything in his time with the Scrappers, from the first steps all the way up to the end of the 2018 season. Wolcott was eliminated by the Naugatuck Dogs in a second round playoff series.

The 2018 season was Ryan Soucy’s last with the Wolcott Scrappers. The same goes for his older brother Eric, who is also stepping away.

“I have no regrets and I’m thankful for everyone and everything along the way,” Ryan Soucy wrote in an email. “My daughter is almost turning two and I’m at a different phase in my life that’s more important than a game that I’ve loved for over 20 years. I never thought I would say that but when it’s time, you just know it.” One obviously fun aspect of Ryan’s time with the Scrappers was playing with Eric. Eric was a talented ballplayer who wound up being chosen for the Connecticut-Massachusetts high school senior all-star game in 2001. That game was played at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.

“He’s a year and a half older than me and I always looked up to him growing up,” Ryan Soucy wrote. “He played at Fenway his senior year and had some pro tryouts and I always pushed to try to be better than him and that’s what made me succeed. He’s just as dedicated as I was and that’s what I love about him.” That dedication was important, because the Scrappers had very humble beginnings in 2006.

“We started with me driving up Route 69 in Wolcott and asking for donations to be able to start a team,” Ryan Soucy wrote. “To having a full sponsor in Continental Scrap Metal in Wolcott with Rob Silas being a big reason we were as successful as we were.” Rob Silas, the son of Continental Scrap Metal CEO and president Paul Silas, was a player/coach for the team. Wolcott was no pushover in the league, and finally captured its first championship in 2014. “We qualified for the state tournament every one of our first nine seasons,” Ryan Soucy wrote. “That was a big accomplishment and we were able to win a championship back in 2014 as well.”

Wolcott’s 2014 team was loaded and included players like the Soucy brothers, Adam LaCapra, Mike Vaccarelli, Ryan Andrade, Justin Koutros, Zach Sehnal, Kyle Dean, Mike Perugini, Manny Cruz, Mike Meier, Elvis Martinez, Israel Lugo and Matt Finkenzeller (my apologies to anyone who I may have missed). LaCapra, usually the first baseman, pitched the first seven innings of the championship-clinching victory. Meier smacked two home runs in the game. Cruz, a fireballer who is currently playing minor league baseball, closed the game out in the ninth.

The Scrappers have been one of the more veteran-laden teams in Tri-State in recent years, but they kept playing the game and playing it well. For Ryan Soucy, it was a pleasure to keep taking to the diamond with his friends. “It’s not easy to compete in this league when you get in your 30’s but we were dedicated and passionate and loved the competition,” Ryan Soucy wrote. “I made a lot of new friends and built stronger friendships with my guys and I’ll never forget it.”

It’s time for Ryan Soucy and his brother Eric to move on, but they had a great run with the Wolcott Scrappers.